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This question contains possible/potential spoilers from "Republic of Thieves."

Any ensuing discussion will certainly contain spoilers.

So, Patience's BIG REVEAL-- that Locke is a reincarnated Bondsmage psychically bound to a reincarnated Sabetha-- any truth to that?

Personally, I think she is a big lying liar who lies... and that it was all machination to freak out Sabetha and have her run away. Sabetha, remember, refused to fall in love with Young Locke because it was fate or meant to be or convenient or whatever. So finding out that she's trapped in a relationship with him because of dark tragic bondsmagey past? Yeah. She's gonna fuck off outta there.

I think Patience wanted to hurt Locke, and knew the best way to hurt him-- to drive Sabetha away. And she was able to look into Sabetha to see what would drive her away.




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Yeah, I got the same impression, and I hope Locke will draw the same conclusion. Patience tried to make both Sabetha and Locke believe that Locke = Lamor Acanthus, and also that Lamor's beloved had the same red hair Sabetha has. Now, even provided those two facts are true (considering her main motivation is to fuck with Locke, that is highly unlikely), it kind of misses a very important point: young Locke fell in love with Sabetha the first time he saw her.

The first time he saw her she had her hair hidden - he was already completely smitten by the time he caught the first glimpse of her red hair.

So, yeah, my take on it is that Locke was always a weird little kid (who falls in love at six years old? without growing out of it?), and odd as it is, his feelings for Sabetha probably aren't related to Lamor Acanthus. Probably. Like I said - the falling in love at that age is a bit strange, but that's Locke for you.

Date: 2013-11-12 07:42 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] naye
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Yeah, obsessive is one way of putting it... I mean, he can't even have sex with anyone else. Ever. On the one hand, that's kind of sweet, but on the other - it is a bit unusual.

And I don't think it's too weird for little kid to have some kind of deep emotional focus on any of their friends, but - never outgrowing that? Never looking at anyone else, ever? That's rather more unusual, I'd say. So, yeah. Might be something tied to Locke's super secret past - or it might just be that Locke's wired that way the same way he's wired to want to protect his friends. It'll be interesting to see what happens with that!


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