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1) There's a list of upcoming appearances by Scott Lynch on his tumblr. I'm wondering if I'll be able to make it to Windycon in November to see him. I've never been to it. Anyone else planning on seeing him this year?

2) He now has a facebook page if you use facebook and want to keep tabs on him that way.
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Congratulations to Scott Lynch for making the IO9's list of The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2013.

A lot of those other books look great, too, and I was pleasantly surprised by how many women writers they had. I wonder what percentage of the books are written by POC.
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The next book (Number four!) in the Gentleman Bastard sequence is The Thorn of Emberlain, and I'm already hard at work on it. I've also got a pair of novellas, The Mad Baron's Mechanical Attic and The Choir of Knives, that will bridge the time between The Republic of Thieves and Thorn. Those will be available from Subterranean Press. I've also got several short stories slated for publication or in the works; one for the Clockwork Universe: Steampunk vs. Aliens anthology, and one already written for the big Gardner Dozois/George R.R. Martin theme anthology Rogues, available some time in 2014.

Full interviewhere.
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This question contains possible/potential spoilers from "Republic of Thieves."

Any ensuing discussion will certainly contain spoilers.

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Hypable had an interview with Scott Lynch about the series, complete with spoilers for the 3rd and 4th books and discussion of writing process. Enjoy!
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I was lucky enough to be able to haul down to the coffee shop in Brighton where Scott Lynch was having an unofficial get-together with fans yesterday. There were lots of good questions asked, and I found myself incredibly cheered and fascinated by the answers and ensuing discussion of topics ranging from building plot mysteries to female characters in fiction and fandom.

I've attempted a write up of the event, for those of you who might be interested. (The only spoilers for Republic of Thieves onward mentioned in the linked post have been blacked out, for everyone's safe reading!)
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From Scott Lynch's Tumblr:

LOCKE: Sexy Train Wreck

SABETHA: Sexy Reversal of the Default Male Gaze that Leaves Many Readers Hesitant and Uncomfortable

JEAN: Sexy Librarian

CALO: Sexy Galdo

GALDO: Sexy Calo

BUG: Sexy Tracheotomy Patient

FATHER CHAINS: Sexy Eat Your Fucking Vegetables Or I Will Exile Your Impertinent Ass to Some Minor Principality We’ve Never Previously Heard Of

SOFIA SALVARA: Sexy Marie Curie

LORENZO SALVARA: Sexy French Maid. You’re welcome, fanficcers.

DONA VORCHENZA: Sexy Professor McGonagall

THE FALCONER: Sexy Gandalf

MERRAIN: Sexy Boba Fett

PATIENCE: Killed last 7 people who suggested a sexy costume. Always dresses up as Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote.


EZRI: Sexy Iron Giant

CAPA BARSAVI: Sexy Quint from Jaws.

NAZCA BARSAVI: Sexy William “The Refrigerator” Perry

REQUIN: Sexy Cecil

SELENDRI: Sexy Carlos

ZAMIRA: Sexy Ha Ha You Might Have Owned This Ship But Then I Came Aboard, Motherfucker

PAOLO AND COSETTA: They’re going as Lilo and Stitch. Not the sexy versions. Jesus. Who do you think I am, Piers Anthony?
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Did you know that Scott Lynch has a DA account where he favorites awesome Gentleman Bastard fanart? Check it out!

Do any of you have fan art, your own or others, that you'd like to showcase?
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From my goodreads account:

"The Republic of Thieves," by Scott Lynch, is the 3rd book in his Gentleman Bastard sequence. From the time it was first scheduled to be published to the time it was actually published, I managed to conceive a child, birth him, and celebrate 4 birthdays. Was this book worth the wait... and the numerous times I pre-ordered it only to have the pre-order cancelled?

In a word, yes.

You may note the 5 star rating and assume that I'm just a Scott Lynch fan and I'm already primed to like this book, would give it 5 stars no matter what. Without going too deep into spoiler town, I'm going to justify the 5 star review with one sentence.

We get to meet Sabetha.

Possible spoilers under the cut... )
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